Jewish Life is a Powerful Tool for Resilience

Strengthening the Jewish community’s ability to provide developmentally- and culturally-appropriate care and support.

Jewish culture, traditions, and organizations have the power to elevate our lives and deepen our connections to each other. We envision a community where young people draw on Jewish tradition to strengthen their resiliency, develop the emotional literacy to support friends, and form positive relationships. By helping young people cultivate a strong sense of self, and a supportive network of role models and peers the next generation will develop the skills to build a more compassionate world.

Join the Resiliency Roundtable

The Resiliency Roundtable is the only forum that brings together education and engagement professionals with clinicians in Jewish settings to reach and support Jewish youth. We meet monthly to share best practices, problem-solve, and collaborate.

We create and share resources that draw on Jewish wisdom to promote well-being and healthy environments, such as: addiction and substance use disorders, controlling behaviors, body image, issues of suicidality, creating physically and psychologically safe spaces, how antisemitism impacts mental health, coping with failure in high-performing communities, Jewish mindfulness and meditation practices, how rest combats burnout and fuels creativity, and more.


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Launch a Local Resiliency Roundtable

Interested in this work locally? BeWell created a Roadmap to Launching a Local Resiliency Roundtable to help you coordinate and amplify local efforts to address youth mental health needs and promote wellbeing in your community. Included you’ll find resources and tools to guide your development of a local Resiliency Roundtable. Looking for financial support to start this work?

Roadmap to Launching a Local Resiliency Roundtable

Looking for financial support to start this work?