8 2023

What To Do When You Can't Do What You Used To Do

10:00AM - 11:30AM  


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It may be that your former job function or industry has changed and requires professional skills you do not have. It may be that you cannot keep up with the physical rigors of your old job. In these cases, you may not easily be able to find the job you've been doing for so long. This program examines why you can’t do what you used to do and discusses ways to leverage your professional expertise in order to move forward in your career. There will be 20 minutes of open networking with fellow job seekers after David's presentation. GUEST SPEAKER David Schuchman David Schuchman is an active leader in the job seeker support community. He is the current Executive Chair of the Professional Service Group of Mercer County and a co-facilitator for New Jersey Job Seekers in Princeton, NJ. He is on the boards of The Breakfast Club of New Jersey in East Brunswick, NJ and The Career Support Group at St. Gregory the Great in Hamilton, NJ. David's company, Princeton Technology Advisors, LLC http://www.princetontechadvisors.com/ offers Information Technology services, training, and management consulting.

Sponsor: Jewish Federation of MetroWest and Project EM