1 2022

Using Your Stories to Get Hired

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

Dana Altman

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The most important thing you bring to the table in any interview is not your resume, your credentials, or your checklist of qualifications, but your stories. People hire for one reason only – because they believe you are going to produce the results that they need. Telling engaging stories that demonstrate the related results you have produced in the past is a game-changer. And the more stories you can draw upon, the more believable you become. Do you relate your “HERO Story” in a way that’s compelling and leaves your interviewer anxious to hear more about you? Do you have concise, engaging results-oriented stories to back up every single point you make during an interview? Learn how to tell YOUR "HERO Story" and turn interviews into offers! There will be 20 minutes of open networking after John's presentation. GUEST SPEAKER John Hadley John Hadley coaches job seekers on strategies and skills to tap into the 'hidden' job market and land the job and pay they deserve. He also works with professionals struggling to advance in their career. His Career Tips newsletter brings expert advice on marketing yourself to over 9,000 subscribers.

Sponsor: The Kosloski Family Foundation in memory of Helene Kosloski.