8 2024

Using AI to Improve Your Resume and Cover Letters - A Deep Dive

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

Elisa Udaskin
East Orange, 07050

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Have you dabbled in using Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT in your job search or do you shy away from new technology? Don’t let new technology intimidate you. During this webinar, we are going to make ChatGPT your new best friend. We will take a deep dive into using AI to not only improve your resume, but also make writing cover letters easier and less time consuming. Topics we will cover include: *Which Artificial Intelligence application should you use? *Suggestions to improve your resume using AI. *Tips for writing a cover letter template and how to customize it for each job application. *Security of AI – What are the risks? You will leave with AI prompts and tips as well as a one-page resource document to refer to throughout your job search. There will be 20 minutes of open networking with fellow job seekers after the presentation.

Sponsor: Jewish Federation of MetroWest and Project EM