5 2022

MEDIA TRAINING – For Spokespeople (For everyone)

1:00PM - 2:30PM  

Contact Carol Nelson-Felzenberg

In this age of social media, where anyone with a phone and a social media account can become a journalist, any speaking engagement can be considered an interview. Interviews are a huge opportunity to build a company’s brand, promote a product or establish an individual’s credibility. Interviews can also become a PR nightmare if not conducted correctly. Whether it’s a television interview, podcast, panel discussion or fireside chat, this program will enable participants with the skills necessary to navigate an interview confidently. PROGRAM OVERVIEW Advanced communication module for C-Suite, Senior Executives, and Industry Experts who face media interviews or speak at conferences on panels, podcasts and fireside chats. • Four, 90-minute virtual training sessions, broken into two stages: o Media (4 modules) focuses heavily on media skills and includes the following sessions: Crafting Your Message, Captivating Conversations, Handling Tough Questions with Media, and The Interview. Email carol at CAROL.NELSONFELZENBERG@LIFEHIKES.COM for more information and to register.

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