12 2023

Managing Your Money After a Job Loss

10:00AM - 11:30AM  

Elisa Udaskin
East Orange, NJ 07050

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Join us to learn more about managing your finances while in between jobs. Losing a job can be extremely stressful and worrying about money is a big part of this stress. But there are ways you can take control of your finances and manage your budget, even during long periods of unemployment. In this conversation, JVS's Elisa Udaskin will be joined by Perry Goldschein to discuss ways you can manage your money while unemployed and tips on how to handle job loss and keep your finances afloat. Topics will include budgeting, unemployment insurance, reserve funds, accessing retirement funds and borrowing. JVS does not provide legal, tax or financial planning advice. There will be time for your general questions at the end of the program. There will be 20 minutes of open networking with fellow job seekers after the presentation.

Sponsor: Jewish Federation of MetroWest and Project EM