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The Honey And The Bee Sting - An I&O Update

Like the famous Israeli song by Naomi Shemer Al Kol Eleh (For All of These), Israelis are used to experiencing both “the honey and the bee sting”. Recent days have seen an extreme realization of this phenomenon with Israel and people around the world celebrating the  historic normalizat…

What ‘Back to School’ Looks Like In 2020

In communities around the world, educational frameworks opened this month with in-person, online, and hybrid learning models. Read how Federation overseas partners invested time and thought into planning quality educational opportunities while remaining compliant with Covid-19 precautions.…

Mission Focused: Helping Victims of Terror During the Pandemic

In addition to coping with the global pandemic and political and civil unrest, Israeli security forces and the country’s southern residents have been dealing with a frightening uptick in terror along the Gaza border. Federation is helping those affected by the attacks.

Israel’s New Agreement with the United Arab Emirates

JFNA brings you expert analysis, insight and articles on the Israeli-Emirati agreement