The Honey And The Bee Sting - An I&O Update

Like the famous Israeli song by Naomi Shemer Al Kol Eleh (For All of These), Israelis are used to experiencing both “the honey and the bee sting”. Recent days have seen an extreme realization of this phenomenon with Israel and people around the world celebrating the  historic normalization agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (read more about Israelis’ responses to the Abraham Accords here) on the eve of a second country-wide coronavirus lockdown that will last at least through October 14th, and probably longer.


The lockdown capped off a roller-coaster year for all of us. For an interesting look at major events that impacted the Jewish people in 2020, read JPPI’s Annual Assessment of the Situation and Dynamics of the Jewish People


And get a booster shot of inspiration by reading more about select examples of the amazing and inspiring work funded by Federations that’s taking place in Israel and around the world right now!



JDC hasn’t skipped a beat since the start of the pandemic.  In 70 countries and across 17 time zones, JDC continues to serve tens of thousands of people who depend on us every day for their most basic needs, for a kind word, and for the strength that knowing you are part of a global community brings when times are hard. This short video tells the story of how this work is getting done every day.  For additional infographics and details, see the JDC global impact report.


Just this week The Jewish Agency for Israel published their first interactive annual Performance Report which is chock full of stories, program descriptions, facts and figures that reflect the Agency’s new strategic directions and its remarkable global reach.


Get Onboard! Virtual Travel (No Passport Required)

If you missed traveling overseas on a Federation mission this year, click on these links to catch up with the Jewish Agency and JDC  via their virtual mini-missions created for FRDLX, JFNA’s inspiring virtual training institute for our system’s senior fundraising leaders – both lay and professional.


Hop on a Birthright Israel “bus” and take their new interactive tour where you can explore everything we know and love about Israel - the modern and ancient sites, the beach, the food, the people.  Check it out and choose your own digital adventure!


Later this month, OLAM will open their 5th Annual Focal Point conference, which focuses on global Jewish service and international development.  You can view the agenda and register here.

Tonight begins the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Traditionally, we invite honored guests called “Ushpizin” to join us in our Sukkah, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob; prominent Jewish women; or people of significance from our past and present. This year, in the spirit of social distancing, the Jewish Agency and award-winning illustrator and educator Hanoch Piven invite you to Ushpizoom, an art-based online Sukkot activity for the whole family where you’ll get to create your own Ushpizin. Watch this video to find out how to participate.