The Coronavirus Pandemic's Footprint in Israel

The global pandemic’s footprint can be seen and felt in almost every aspect of our lives, impacting our health, social structures, employment, education, and so much more. As Israel moves from crisis to post-crisis thanks to a successful vaccine campaign, many in the country are beginning to discuss the effects of the pandemic and how policy-makers can act quickly to mitigate them.


Three of Israel’s top research institutes have published new reports that can help deepen your community’s understanding of the impact of the virus on Israel’s citizens.


The Adva Center's Israel: A Social Report 2021 - Corona: Epidemic of Inequality


This annual socio-economic report focuses on the effect of the corona crisis. The executive summary is in English and the full report is in Hebrew. Headlines include:

  • The Top One Percent in Times of Corona
  • Hi Tech in Times of Corona
  • Small Businesses in Times of Corona
  • Food Insecurity in Times of Corona
  • Inequality in Health in Times of Corona
  • Mental Health in Times of Corona
  • Housing in Times of Corona


The Taub Center’s In the Wake of COVID-19: Important Questions for Israel in 2021 and Beyond


This study is a collaboration between multiple Taub Center researchers who have mapped out challenges and opportunities expected in the coming years in the fields of macroeconomics, the labor market, welfare, education, health, and demography. The full report is in English. Headlines include:

  • Economic Growth During the Pandemic
  • Labor Markets During the Pandemic
  • Welfare During the Pandemic
  • Education During the Pandemic
  • Health During the Pandemic
  • Demography During the Pandemic


The Israel Democracy Institute has also released a number of articles on the virus’ effect on Israel including on:

  • Increased economic inequality between the Arab and Jewish populations as a result of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Changes in work patterns and in demand for skills in the post-COVID labor market