[Resources] Federation Support for Disability Awareness and Inclusion

There are an estimated one billion people around the globe living with some form of physical, emotional, intellectual or other disability. In Israel, persons with disabilities make up 20% of the population and face challenges every day – many of which have been amplified over the past few months due to the global pandemic – that require support systems, services, access, and community frameworks.


Our Federations understand that “disability inclusion” is not about making space for people who have different needs; it’s about recognizing that what each of us contributes to our collective is vital and worthwhile. It’s about basic human dignity – the ability to live one’s life to the fullest. And we are rising to that challenge; finding those unique strengths that each person possesses.


We’re supporting personalized services, independent living programming, community gatherings, digital literacy platforms and so much more through the dedicated work of our overseas partner JDC.


Learn more about JDC’s disability programming in Israel and the FSU – and  get in a great workout in a Krav Maga session led by certified trainers who have autism - by watching this clip from the recent Lions of Judah Conference.


Take a closer look at JDC’s Smart Homes pilot, a new model of service provision that assists people with disabilities to acquire the necessary smart devices to help navigate their lives independently, in this clip from the recent Jewish Disability Advocacy Month session. The session also features presentations by two organizations that are moving the needle on creating a more inclusive society for people of all abilities – Beit Issie Shapiro and Access Israel – and the personal story of Odelia Fitoussi, Israel’s first representative to the United Nation’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Share the information above and the three videos below with your community so they can see what an incredible impact their support is making for people with disabilities in Israel.


  • Hear from participants in JDC’s Supported Housing program that helps young adults with disabilities make the transition from living in institutions and/or their parents' home to living independently within the community.


  • Meet Ayalon and Sivan, the first couple to benefit from JDC’s Affordable Housing initiative that provides life-long apartment leases for people with disabilities in a community of their choosing.


  • Say mazal tov to Shlomi and Odelia as they prepare to move into their new home that they found through JDC’s Apartment project – a secure, sustainable and long-term housing project for people with disabilities.