Moving Forward, Cautiously

As we begin to reimagine our daily reality - one in which the coronavirus plays a major role - we challenge ourselves to grow in new ways; how do we connect with each other without physical proximity? How do we provide our children with the experiences of the school yard and summer camps without actually leaving our homes? At Jewish Together we’re busy working on new and reimagined opportunities that we plan to update you on very soon – keep an eye on this space!


Emerging From the Shadow of COVID-19
Here in Israel we’re taking steps to return to (a new) normal. As we leave our homes to return to schools, work and public places in this next phase of the coronavirus crisis, our partners at JDC have developed an exit strategy for adapting their programming and emergency response efforts as well.


Watch this video briefing with JDC-Israel CEO Dr. Sigal Shelach to get caught up on JDC’s current coronavirus emergency response.


Confronting the Effects of the Coronavirus Overseas
Initiated by The Jewish Agency for Israel and Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Ministry, a global roundtable which includes Jewish Federations will convene to assess damage caused by the coronavirus on Jewish communities and to prepare a rehabilitation plan.  


Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs has been monitoring antisemitism and efforts to delegitimize Israel by linking the State of Israel and Jews to the coronavirus. This report details those attempts and provides recommendations for combatting this newest face of antisemitism. Contact the Israel Action Network (IAN) for information about consultations and trainings on this and related issues. 


Eager to Learn More?
From health to the economy, security to social protection, the impact of COVID-19 is worse for women and girls simply because of their gender. Join JFNA’s Israel office and The Israel Action Network on Monday May 18 at 1pm EDT to examine how the pandemic is affecting women in Israel and what the day after needs to look like for women and girls.


We’re serving a rich menu of Federation-focused content each week. See all of our upcoming professional development opportunities here.


Thousands of Masa fellows have chosen to stay in Israel during the current crisis. Hear what they’re doing and plans for the coming year in an update with Masa Israel’s North American COO, Meara Razon Ashtivker, Tuesday, May 19th at 12 pm ET.