Mazal Tov to Our Partners at JDC ESHEL

Federation’s longstanding commitment to the welfare of Israelis finds expression through the incredible work of our partner JDC’s ESHEL division. Established in 1969 and tasked with innovating solutions for Israel's aging population, around 1.3 million elderly, JDC ESHEL leads the Israeli eco-system's approach to optimal aging in Israel. 


As we reflect on 2021, JDC ESHEL's 53rd year of operation, we are proud to share the following select highlights and impact videos: 


  1. On July 19, 2021, the Knesset passed Resolution 127, adopting the dashboard of national indicators for optimal aging. This dashboard will guide the government ministries, especially those who provide services to older adults, to direct their actions and interventions to impact the aging indicators, and decrease the gaps among relevant population groups reflected.
  2. The Integrated Care model (VIDEO) - a case management team comprising a social worker and nurse develop sustainable solutions for older adults at extreme social and health risk - was accelerated from three (pilot) locations to 27 locations (42 case management teams).
  3. The upgrading of the first 47 of Israel's 330 (JDC ESHEL developed) Supportive Communities (VIDEO) to provide a broad range of services in line with the needs of a more diverse demographic.
  4. The Family Caregiver Support Center model was integrated into 30 local authorities' welfare departments.
  5. Signed 21 separate contracts with Israel's four HMOs to cover the costs of rehabilitation at any of the six multi-disciplinary geriatric rehabilitation centers (VIDEO) that JDC ESHEL is piloting in the social and geographic periphery.
  6. Development of ActiveNet, an online information system that provides individually tailored information about available services and recommendations for personal health management.
  7. Established a Forum of Partners to create a Dementia National Training Plan.
  8. Expansion of the Up60+ Guidance Centers network from seven to nineteen centers. These centers empower older adults with health, digital and post-retirement tools and knowledge to prevent decline in functionality and strengthen their health and wellbeing.
  9. Two webinars by Up60+ Guidance Center managers for the JCC Association of North America's senior management and professionals.
  10. Design and development of the Muni-100 model, JDC ESHEL's innovative adaptation of Age Friendly Cities. The model will be piloted in twenty local authorities (10 big, medium, and small towns, 3 regional councils, 3 regional clusters, 2 Ultra-Orthodox and 2 Israeli-Arab municipalities) over the coming four years.
  11. Train the Trainer workshops on Digital Literacy for older adults, for representatives of over 50 for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.
  12. Published 'Log In' – a guide for digital product and interface designers on improving the accessibility of digital services for seniors.
  13. 6,423 homebound Holocaust survivors (VIDEO) are being impacted on a weekly basis by the Yad l' Yad National Network of Volunteers for Homebound Holocaust Survivors, which pairs volunteers with needy survivors in over 400 locations across Israel.
  14. 250 medical professionals completed the Palliative Care Leadership Training Program, part of JDC ESHEL's effort to establish a cadre of change agents to inspire colleagues to embrace palliative care.
  15. Webinar on the dashboard of indicators for optimal aging for sixty Jewish-community professionals from fourteen countries across the JDC-Latin America region.