Israel’s Diverse Population – COVID & Beyond

The past year has been a challenging one for Israel. More recently, in addition to dealing with the pandemic, the country has had to contend with social unrest as well. Though Israel has made great strides towards a shared society, with enhanced labor market and educational achievements among Israeli Arabs and Haredim, challenges still abound. This week, the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel briefed Federation I&O professionals about the underlying trends occurring in these two populations and addressed Israel’s progress in achieving greater economic and social integration. Watch this sneak preview of the briefing and view this slidedeck.


The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel is one of the country’s leading social policy think tanks. Based in Jerusalem, the Center provides decision makers and the public with research and analysis on some of the most critical issues in the areas of Israel’s education, health, welfare, labor markets and macroeconomics with the goal of impacting policies that advance the well-being of all Israelis. The Center recently expanded its focus areas to include demography and early childhood. In order to maintain its independence and trusted reputation across the political spectrum and by the general public, the Center does not accept any government funding.


Taub Center briefings are available upon request to Federations and communities around the world. Their interactive presentations can be delivered in Hebrew or English, and customized to an audience’s level of knowledge about Israel’s socioeconomics. Presentations typically run between 30-60 minutes, including time for questions.


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For more information about topics, speakers, suggested honorariums, or to schedule a briefing, please contact Casey Girard at or +972-58-407-7330.