Israelis Learn About Global Jewish Communities During the Pandemic

We have exciting news! JFNA’s website had just launched its Hebrew version. Now Israelis and Hebrew speakers can log onto our site and read about the tremendous impact of Federation in Israel and in Jewish communities across the globe.


Over the past few years, Israelis’ interest in learning about and connecting with Jewish communities outside Israel has grown exponentially. Radio programs featuring stories from the Diaspora are increasingly popular, and recently journalist Dan Lavie at the Yisrael Hayom newspaper, Israel’s largest print news publication, coordinated a series of articles on Diaspora communities during the pandemic. Those articles have been translated into English and are listed below.


Take a few moments to read about our Jewish communities from the unique vantage point of an Israeli writing for an Israeli audience!


Education and Jewish Identity




Antisemitism During the Pandemic


Jewish Community During the Pandemic


The Haredi World