Federation's I&O Impact - March 2022

For 13 days Ukraine has been relentlessly attacked by Russia. As thousands still wait at the country’s borders and millions more suffer within Ukraine, Jewish Federations continue our vital work to support the Jewish community. Read more about these efforts together with a synopsis of the situation on the ground and Israel’s involvement in today's Ukraine Crisis Update


Today Prime Minister Bennett expressed his appreciation and that of the state of Israel for the lifesaving work Federations are supporting in Ukraine.


Federations are working together to maximize our impact and meet the needs of Ukrainian Jewry in their hour of need. We invite you to stay informed on the many ways your community is making a difference in the region by attending this week’s Update webinar, hosted by National Young Leadership Cabinet. 


Register here to attend the webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9at 12pm ET / 9am PT.


As the war in Ukraine rages on and over a million refugees flee the country, Jewish communities call on Congress for more assistance on the ground and support for refugee resettlement in the U.S. Click here to take action!

Use this Ukraine Crisis toolkit to access personal stories, social media posts and additional resources to spread the word about our collective efforts.


Impact on the Ground
Together our Federations have raised $19.7 million to address critical needs resulting from the situation in Ukraine. A special Ukraine Allocations Sub Committee met early last week and approved an initial allocation of $8 million which is already flowing to the feild. The Sub Committee meets again on Thursday to review priority requests and keep vital dollars moving quickly to help those most in need.


JDC Ukraine Update
As the crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold by the hour and day, JDC will continue to hold weekly briefings providing live updates from staff and volunteers on the ground. Join the next JDC briefing today, March 8 at 12pm ET / 9am PT.


In honor of International Women’s Day, the Jewish Agency for Israel highlights the incredible stories of four women directly impacted by the ongoing conflict. Read these powerful stories of four amazing women.


Warrior Women
In honor of International Women’s Day we salute the brave women in Ukraine including Natalia, a homebound elderly Jewish woman and her JDC homecare worker Sveta. Watch Natalie and Sveta's story and use the resources from this International Women's Day social media toolkit to spread the word about the ways Federation supports women around the world.




Investing in the Future of Ghana’s Girls Through STEM
World ORT has answered the call of UNESCO to educate and empower girls in Ghana through a digital skills building initiative. The program trains female university students in Ghana to teach coding, animation and other science and technology skills to young school girls, providing them with a wider array of career and advancement options.


What is Holding Back Women and Girls’ Causes in Israel?
A first of its kind study on philanthropic support for women and girls in Israel has found that less than one percent of philanthropic giving goes to projects advancing women and girls. What’s more, the majority of nonprofits dedicated to advancing women and girls have an annual budget of less than 2M shekels, limiting their potential impact. Find out why organizations that advance these issues are unable to make the large-scale social impact that Israel needs in this eJewish Philanthropy article.


Equal Pay for Equal Work in Israel
Pay gaps between women and men remain a problem in many countries, with the dramatic effects of the pandemic further highlighting gender-based inequalities in the labor market. A recent amendment to Israel’s Equal Pay Law enacted by the Knesset will require employers to collect and publicize data on gender wage gaps starting in June. Learn how the Taub Center's findings directly impacted this ground-breaking amendment.




In honor of International Women’s Day travel to Argentina with Jewish Majorca to meet the grandmothers still fighting to recover the hundreds of babies kidnapped by the last dictatorship in Argentina. March 8 at 4pm ET. Register here.


The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) is an independent research center that focuses on shaping strategy and action-oriented policy for the Jewish people. Keep updated on recent developments concerning the future of the Jewish people by registering for JPPI’s newsletter here.


We applaud the Latvian Saeima for passing a historic law provisioning 40 million euros ($46 million) in funding to revitalize the Latvian Jewish community, provide social and material assistance to Holocaust survivors, and preserve the memory of those who perished. Read more here.