At the Beach…With Masks

Different counties have implemented varying responses to the global pandemic, but according to a recent publication from the Taub Center, The Coronavirus Trajectory in Israel, the country’s mix of restrictions and good timing allowed for a more moderate crisis than in many other places. Now that Israel has rolled back most limits on travel and social interaction, we are planning a webinar to learn about the thinking behind how these decisions were taken and what’s being done to monitor and control new hotspots of infection as they crop up. Stay tuned for scheduling information.


While Israel, most states in the US, and countries worldwide are all moving towards re-opening, the crisis is far from over and urgent needs continue to morph and grow. The Jewish Agency for Israel is matching its responses accordingly. Read this update which documents the creative new ways they are working across the globe. JDC has also adjusted its strategic response as some countries move into the second phase of the emergency that they call “the crisis after the crisis.” 


Coronavirus found many young adults who came to Israel for a long-term immersive experience caught far from home facing unprecedented challenges. For thousands of them enrolled in Masa Israel programs, the innovative and thoughtful solutions put in place enabled them to weather the lockdown in safety even as alternative programming helped them make the most of their time in the country. We invited Masa Israel to update on how they succeeded in pivoting to take programs online and where they are headed in the coming 18 months. You can view a recording of the webinar here and the presenter’s PowerPoint slides here.


World ORT has also reimagined their programming, and just launched registration for their online General Assembly. Mark your calendars for this Sunday May 24th from 10am. - 12pm. ET.