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Mental, Emotional, & Social Health for Experiential Educators


$ Cost $ 75.00

Jewish professionals are uniquely situated to create positive environments where not only Jewish learning, but also mental health and wellness, can flourish. Mental, Emotional, and Social Health for Experiential Educators (MESH-EE) helps Jewish professionals expand their understanding of mental health and wellness through experiential education and a Jewish lens, in order to actively promote resilience and help their students thrive.

This course is designed for teen and young adult-serving Jewish community professionals interested in expanding their understanding of mental health and wellness in order to better support their students and actively promote social and emotional growth. This course is open to a national audience; if you are interested in a local cohort, please fill out our Interest Form to either be kept up to date on upcoming opportunities or to recommend a new regional base.

As a result of BaMidbar’s MESH-EE program, Jewish professionals build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to:

  1. Promote healthy social and emotional development for all of the youth they serve
  2. Recognize when youth are at risk of experiencing mental health challenges
  3. Explore connections between Jewish tradition and mental health and wellness
  4. Create Jewish educational experiences through a whole-health wellness lens


This program is made possible through the generous support of The Covenant Foundation.

All times listed for events are in EST.