27 2023

February Resiliency Roundtable

2:00PM - 3:30PM  

Save the date for BeWell's February Resiliency Roundtable: Exploring Eating Disorders and Promoting Body Liberation.

We'll focus on the ways Jewish community can address disordered eating and confront fatphobia by spotlighting clinical, spiritual, and social support resources that promote body liberation for young people.

The Resiliency Roundtable is a network dedicated to promoting youth wellbeing in the Jewish community. The Resiliency Roundtable brings together diverse stakeholders who care about young people for learning on important topics impacting youth wellbeing.  Please be in touch with Kate Greene, Director of the Resiliency Roundtable, with any questions or suggestions: kate.greene@jewishfederations.org. You can also reach out to Kate to access resources from our previous gatherings on the topics of loneliness, addiction, trauma-informed responses to mass shootings, and Jewish resources that promote resiliency. 

All times listed for events are in EST.