3 2024

Be Well Together Miami Youth Mental Health Summit

10:30AM - 3:30PM  

Jewish Leadership Academy 975 NW 95th St
Miami, FL

Welcome to The Wellness Institute and Greater Miami Jewish Federation Be Well Initiative’s inaugural Be Well Together Summit, a transformative event uniting the Greater Miami community to champion the mental wellness of our youth. Delve into cutting-edge research on spirituality and mental health, resilience, and healthy attachments. Gain insights from practitioners shaping youth mental health and be inspired by those who conquered challenges.

This Summit isn't just about knowledge; it's a gateway to practical solutions. Discover actionable tools for a more meaningful and stress-free life. A dedicated track for teens and young adults ensures these tools reach those who need them most, shaping a future where mental wellness is paramount.

Elevate your well-being, empower our youth, and be part of a movement transforming lives in the heart of Greater Miami.

Our Goal:

At the Summit, we hope to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness, draw awareness to mental wellbeing, and encourage the implementation of evidence-based practices to promote mental health and wellness. The summit will encourage community leaders to play a more active role in the wellness and recovery of their community members, parents and educators to incorporate more evidence-based interventions into their classrooms and homes, and teens to take an active role in their own and their peer’s wellbeing.

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