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Pew Research Center's Release of

The 2020 survey of Jewish Americans

Jewish Together takes an in-depth look at Pew Research Center's latest survey of Jewish-American Life

Jewish life in America is constantly evolving. And it is important to stay informed and involved.

Over the last couple days, we have pored through the Pew Research Center data and discussed its significance with experts, professors, and Jewish leaders.

The findings from this survey are not final, they are part of our continued and important work to secure flourishing Jewish communities.

Here’s what the survey found about Jewish Americans.

On Religious Identity

However you define your Jewish identity, we find ways to support and encourage that. Through events and community engagement, we work to foster a culture of connection and inclusion. Find a way to get involved, here.

  • 25% of Jewish adults do not identify with religion but consider themselves Jewish ethnically, culturally, or by ancestry. 

  • 72% of Jews believe that leading an ethical and moral life is an essential part of what being Jewish means to them.

  • About 65% go to services out of obligation.

On Diversity

Not all Judaism looks exactly the same and we all deserve to exist in our way. Through our Jewish Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiative, we pursue racial equity and justice for all of our communities. Learn more, here.

  • 8% of Jews identify as Hispanic, Black, Asian, another race, or multicultural.
  • 9/10 Jews identify as white, non-hispanic.
  • 17% of Jews live in households where at least one person identifies as Hispanic, Black, Asian, another (non-White) race or ethnicity

On Politics

In order to ensure we maintain flourishing Jewish communities, we focus on creating lasting change through our public affairs work. Learn more about our work here

  • 50% of non-Orthodox Jews, identify as entirely liberal
  • 80% of non-Orthodox Jews describe themselves as liberal or moderate
  • 75% of Orthodox Jews are as solidly Republican 

On Safety and Antisemitism

A flourishing Jewish community is one that is safe and secure. We’re working hard through LiveSecure to ensure the safety and security for the communities we serve. Learn more about LiveSecure, here.

  • 53% of Jews feel less safe 
  • 75% of Jews note an increase in antisemitism. 
  • 35% of U.S. Jews still participate in Jewish events without hesitation. 

On Israel

It is our sacred responsibility to help strengthen the state of Israel and foster a sense of global peoplehood. With the help of our partners, we continue to support and build community here at home and abroad. Learn more about our work, here.

  • More than 80% of U.S. Jews feel that caring about Israel is a key part of being Jewish. 
  • 48% of Jews under 30 describe themselves as having any attachment to Israel 
  • 66% of Jews 65 and older describe themselves as having any attachment to Israel . 

On Education

Education is an investment. And we work to give our communities the tools they need to live more vibrant and meaningful lives - from PJ Library to college scholarships to young adult leadership development. Learn more here.

  • Nearly 6/10 Jews are college graduates
  • 28% of Jews have earned a postgraduate degree

On Marriage and Family

No matter how you connect to Judaism, we work to make sure you and your family have the tools, resources, and information to find inspiration and entry points into Jewish community. Learn more about our work, here.

  • 61% of Jews married since 2010 have a non-Jewish spouse.
  • 28% of intermarried couples are raising their children as religiously or completely Jewish
  • 2% of married Orthodox Jews say their spouse is not Jewish

On Connection

We created Jewish Together to ensure that no matter how you identify, you have access and connection to your Jewish community. Through Jewish Together, we provide educational resources and  community-building opportunities in one easy-to-find place. Access it all right here

  • 85% of Jews feel “some” belonging to Jewish peoplehood
  • 48% of Jews feel a “great deal” of belonging to Jewish peoplehood 
  • 80% Jewish adults feel at least some responsibility to help fellow Jews-in-need around the world. 

On Financial Security

For over a century we have raised money to support the most vulnerable people in our communities and around the world. This year presented more unique challenges and a new kind of support was necessary. Learn more about our work supporting out-of-work community members, here.

  • 50% of U.S. Jews described their financial situation as living comfortably
  • 15% of Jewish adults said they had difficulty paying for medical care in the last year
  • 8% of Jews said they had a difficult time paying for food

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